Founded in Japan by NIGO® in 1993, BAPE® quickly established a fanatical following across its native continent, with international expansion coming close behind. In 1997, Very Ape was born, a capsule collection of ‘Made in UK’ pieces to add to their already packed closet.

Long-time ‘APE® and a number of names* founder, Craig Ford explains, “Very Ape was ‘Made in UK’ BAPE® product. It was many people’s first sight of the brand, as seen on the Beastie Boys. Unlike the original A Bathing Ape® ape head who is looking to the West, the Very Ape head looks back at the East.”

Però VAPE suona come il coso delle zanzare 🙁

Via (Re)i-Ntroducing: Very Ape | i-D Online.