Questa notizia fa ridere su così tanti piani metafisici che non so nemmeno come commentare.

During the exchange a show-goer is believed to have taken the Polo Grounds/RCA Records artist’s “back in the day” Supreme cap from his head.

“Who took my shit?” A$AP asked the crowd. “I came to party with y’all, give me my hat so I can [continue]. That’s a one-of-a-kind hat,” he added. “We ain’t gonna fuck you up, just give me my shit back.” Watching one fan exit, A$AP told security with his microphone, “Yo, stop that guy over there from leavin’…don’t let nobody leave.” The hat still did not return to the stage.

Rocky finally warned the crowd, “It’s either that, or I ain’t partyin’ in this mothafucka anymore.” The requests and warnings continued, until a promoter translated to the German crowd. The crowd chanted “bring it back” to no avail.”Nobody know nothin’, huh?” asked A$AP.

Moments later, an increasingly frustrated touted, “Germany, it’s been good. Thank you; I’m out this bitch. Peace!” The rapper cleared the stage and left, according to the video.

Ecco il video dello scempio:

Via HipHop DX. Ah, l’altra volta gli avevano fatto l’orologio, ma alla fine gliel’avevano ridato.