Ma è fatta di acciaio INOX? Ma se pedalo forte posso tornare ai tempi in cui le fisse andavano di moda e dire che nel futuro si torna al comfort del freno? Ma posso scommettere sul Napoli in Coppa Italia?

Cose in inglese che non mi sbatto nemmeno a leggere, tanto costa 5.500$ e ci compro tre scooter:

The material to build the bike was an obvious choice; composed of columbus HINOXtube™ trafitubi XCr seamless triple-butted patented stainless steel tubes made in italy, maintaining the delorean connection. the ‘anyday’ has a clean running belt drive transmission which makes it easier to climb bigger hills or go faster on flat roads with the help of an integrated 11-speed internally geared hub that comes as standard equipment.

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, whether in wet or dry conditions, make stopping power more than sufficient. standard equipment includes an 11-speed internally geared hub. the wheels are covered with an illuminescent coated which when under regular lighting looks dark, but when actually shone upon, they almost appear to ‘turn on’ making visibility in low light or at night better, along with making your late evening or early morning ride a lot safer. finally, an italian made gel saddle enhances one’s riding comfort, and a full carbon fork provides precise steering response, and has been constructed so that there is enough room for one to install larger treaded tires for dirt roads or path riding.

Quindi? Ti hanno convinto quelli del marketting?